Cradle Cap Baby Brush

Cradle Cap Baby Brush


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Zestaw szczotek dla dziecka
Szczotka na ciemieniuchę - szczecina
Szczotka relaksacyjna - kozina
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14x3 cm

non-impregnated beech wood and natural bristle


Brush for children and babies is a daily-use product. Perfect for combing, removing cradle cap, and for massage.
Poofi brushes are natural products with a raw beech frame.
They are decorated with a delicate engraving, which gives them a subtle character and makes them a nice, casual gift.
Bristle brushes have ideal hardness, which is perfect not only for brushing hair or cradle cap, but also for massage.
It can be used for a gentle stroking massage of the entire body of the baby. The goat hair brush can also be used for body massage, sensory stimulation or playing and games from as early as 6 weeks of age.

See how the Poofi brush massage works on your baby:

• stimulation

If the child is energized and amused after the massage, give massages in the morning when the child's attention is at its peak and when the child is more open to stimuli.

• relaxation

If the child is calm or falls asleep after the massage - use massage during evening care rituals, to help the child calm down and fall asleep.

Body massage can also be performed with a bristle brush or alternately. In this case, remember to first massage with a brush with harder bristles, and then to give a gentle massage using a goat hair brush.

How to remove cradle cap?

Cradle cap is unsightly, yellowish scales that appear on hairy scalp of infants between 1-4 months of age. When dealing with cradle cap, a multi-stage approach is important:

• lubricate the baby's head with a delicate olive oil (about 30 minutes before the planned bath)During this time, the cradle cap scabs will soften and be easier to remove.

• after the indicated time, brush the cradle cap scales with a brush

Brushing should be done gently against the direction of hair growth. Remember not to scratch the scales too intensively, brush out only what can be easily removed. Remove the remaining cradle cap on the next try. Do not rush this process.

• after you finish brushing, wash your baby's head with a delicate shampoo

• do not scratch dry cradle cap

This can irritate your baby's delicate scalp.

The Poofi bristle brush has the perfect bristle hardness, which is also very good for untangling thick hair or tangles.
The brush should be dry cleaned, by combing the bristles with a comb.
The bristles can also be sprayed with a disinfectant; let dry with the bristles facing down.
Poofi brush should not be exposed to water or direct source of heat - it may cause delamination or damage of the wood.
The brush is packed in an elegant cotton bag for aesthetic storage and protecting of the brush against moisture.

Poofi brushes are made in Poland.
Beechwood frames are made in an affiliated carpentry shop in northern Poland. After processing, all brush holders are sent from the carpentry shop to be engraved; engraving machines create our beautiful patterns of twigs and cherries.
The frames prepared in this way are ready for application of the bristles, which are then cut and evened.
Each brush is finally checked, combed, and packed in a cotton bag.
The natural brush production process is extremely precise and requires process synchronization with an accuracy of 0.02 mm!

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