Tampico o Dry Body Brush

Tampico o Dry Body Brush


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Szczotka do ciala Szczecina
Szczotka do ciała Tampico

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11x9 cm

non-impregnated beech wood and agave fibres - Tampico


The dry massage brush is 100% natural and vegan; it is a brilliant at-home body care product.
Regular brushing visibly improves the condition of the skin.
The first effects are visible after 4 days. Your skin will feel tighter and smoother to the touch Dry massage is a natural skin peeling that fantastically stimulates blood and lymph circulation.
Better circulation means better tissue nourishment.
When massaged regularly, your body will become younger, firmer and your skin tone will become even.
Get rid of toxins easier and faster and prepare your skin wonderfully for absorption of care cosmetics
Body brushing is a simple, effective, and inexpensive procedure.
The brush is packed in a cotton bag for safe storage.


• it helps to smooth out cellulite
• soothes swelling and oedema
• improves skin firmness
• evens out the colour
• reduces oedema
• prepares the skin for beauty treatments
• solves the problem of ingrown hairs after shaving
• softens calloused skin, e.g. on the elbows and knees
• removes dead epidermis and external impurities
• energizes and relaxes
• cleans skin pores, perfectly replaces peelings

How to massage your body?

You can brush any part of your body. Remember to massage on completely dry skin. It is best to do this before a shower or bath, to further cleanse the skin of exfoliated epidermis.
After bathing, massage in a nourishing cosmetic that boosts firming. After brushing, the skin will be perfectly prepared to absorb active ingredients from the cosmetic.

How to brush your body?

Regularity and technique of the massage are very important. However, it is so pleasant that the daily massage itself becomes an incentive to a new care routine.
Always perform a massage with the Poofi brush in accordance with the direction of lymph flow, skilfully adjusting strength and pressure. Massage should not be painful, nor should it irritate the skin. If you are a beginner, start by gently stroking your body, gradually increasing the intensity of the pressure.
Always brush towards the heart. Brush your body with straight, long strokes from the toes upwards. It is convenient to divide your body into brushing areas, e.g. from feet to knees, knees, another from knees to buttocks, forearms, arms, abdomen, cleavage, neck, shoulder blades. Always move towards the heart. Brush your feet, hands, and joints in circular movements.

The Poofi body massage brush has specially trimmed bristles to ensure the maximum possible adhering surface area during massage. Massage is performed on dry skin, preferably before a bath.
It is recommended to use it daily as a new care routine.
Non-impregnated product.
It can be impregnated on your own with the use of natural oil.
Store the brush in a dry place and protect it from moisture.
The wood should not come into contact with water. The brush can be cleaned with alcohol spray, and then dried, e.g. with a paper towel.
The brush can also be cleaned with soap and water - but it requires caution as the wood should not get wet. To do this, dip the bristles in a bowl of warm water, keep them in for a while, then take out and soak up the excess water with a paper towel. Leave the brush to dry with the bristles facing down.
Do not dry the brush near heat sources or in direct sunlight.

Contraindications: skin lesions of bacterial or viral origin, open wounds, and fresh scars.
Massage with a tampico brush is safe for pregnant women.
Remember to massage the abdomen and breast area gently or completely avoid massaging these areas during pregnancy. If you choose to gently brush your abdomen, do not do it in the last trimester.

Poofi brushes are made in Poland.
Beechwood frames are made in an affiliated carpentry shop in northern Poland. After processing, all brush frames are sent from the carpentry shop to be engraved; engraving machines create our beautiful patterns of twigs and cherries. The frames prepared in this way are ready for application of the bristles, which are then cut and evened.
Each brush is finally checked, and packed in a cotton bag.
The natural brush production process is extremely precise and requires process synchronization with an accuracy of 0.03 mm!

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