Stabilizer pillows

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The stabilizing pillow is especially recommended for the care of babies with postural asymmetry. It serves as a safe nest that helps the newborn to adjust their body position during sleep, while keeping them safe and comfortable. The poofi pillow has been designed to minimize limb spasms so that symmetrical muscle tension is sustained during the child's sleep. In addition, it will serve as a safe neck pillow for newborn.

A stabilizing pillow for babies, thanks to its special structure, also acts as a roller. It secures the position "on the side", which is especially important when children have problems with frequent pouring down. Placing the pillow on the roller prevents choking with food. As the toddler grows up, it becomes useful as a cot pillow as a support under the cage when lying on the tummy. As our child grows up, it can act as a stabilizing pillow for a car seat or as a neck support pillow for a baby.

All materials used in our infant support cushion are Oeko Tex Standard 100 class 1 certified (allowed to come into direct contact with the skin of the newborn). We use organic cotton in the stabilizing pillows, which is free from artificial fertilizers and chemical plant spray. Its fibers are stronger, smoother and softer to the touch. This formula ensures that the pillow is hypoallergenic.

The amount of filling in the pillows is adjustable, thanks to a small zipper sewn into one of the sides of the pillow. After opening the batch, you can remove or add the filling as needed. Polyester fibers filling the pillows ensure durability and elasticity. The arms of the pillow are connected with a very delicate Velcro - such as is used in baby diapers. Pillows have removable covers to be able to keep them clean without having to throw the entire pillow into the washing machine. Each pillow is the same size and shape.