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Welcome to the Postpartum and Childbirth category of the Poofi store! Here you will find the perfect layette for mom and many other products that will be extremely useful during this special period. Whether you're looking for a baby shower or looking for a gift for the mom-to-be, our products will meet your expectations.

Take a look at our wide range of products that are related to the Postpartum and Childbirth category. We offer postpartum sleepers, cooling pads, postpartum underwear and layette for mom. Let us introduce you to some of our products.

Poofi postpartum sleepers are excellent pads recommended during puerperium, after gynecological procedures and when menstruation is heavy. Made of natural, unbleached cellulose, they have very high absorbing properties. Tests by the State Institute of Public Health in Prague confirm the microbiological purity of the cellulose used in Poofi pads. In addition, the absence of additional internal film inserts and an adhesive strip ensure adequate air circulation, which speeds up the healing process. Thanks to their anatomical shape, they are comfortable and allow greater freedom of movement.

If you are looking for something that will bring immediate relief, you will be interested in our Poofi cooling pads. These are disposable sanitary pads with a cold activator, which are perfect for soothing pain in intimate areas, such as after childbirth or gynecological procedures. The sanitary pads are absorbent, and their surface is soft and gentle, providing maximum comfort during use. You can take them with you to the hospital and use them as needed. Importantly, Poofi cooling pad s are safe and do not carry the risk of frostbite, unlike frozen gel pads.

Poofi postpartum underw ear are high-quality, airy and elegant panties made of durable cotton paper. This underwear is washable for up to 5 wash cycles. Poofi panties stably support postpartum sleepers, while taking care of proper air circulation in intimate areas. They are not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing, as they completely cover the sleeper. Thanks to their high elasticity, they fit perfectly and do not pressurize the body, and if necessary can be trimmed with scissors for a perfect fit. The panties have no tags and are available in two sizes: S, dedicated to women of extremely petite build, and ONE SIZE, suitable for sizes S-XL.

Welcome to our store, where you will find a full range of products related to the "Postpartum & Childbirth" category. Give yourself and the mother-to-be the best care and comfort during this important period of life.