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POOFI feeding pillows for babies are multifunctional and innovative. Products designed based on the experiences and needs faced by moms at the stage of feeding the baby. The well-thought-out design makes the nursing cushion adjust to any waist. As a result, you do not have to think long about how to place your baby on the nursing pillow. It is a comfortable solution to be used every time. What makes POOFI pillows recommended?

Our store provides various types of pillows so that every mother can choose the most suitable one. A hand-held feeding pillow will work for mothers who need a compact and practical feeding aid in various circumstances. The pillow is symmetrical and has two chambers, and each chamber has a small zipper. The size and the ability to adjust the filling of the pillow also allows you to use it as a pillow for the head while traveling, as a cuddly toy or a mini pregnancy pillow.

However, a baby breastfeeding pillow, on the other hand, will provide comfort in primarily home conditions. The arms of the pillows are based on elastic rubbers, which results in adhesion to the waist and high stability. The pillows are unique in terms of their design. This gives each user the ability to adjust the amount of filling to their own needs. Adjusting the filling in a nursing baby pillow or pregnancy pillow makes Poofi products meet individual expectations. The poofi pillow is the perfect nursing pillow after a cesarean section, as it allows you to adjust the filling also in the area of the scar. The size and profile of this pillow allow it to be used for the first attempts at a toddler to sit down. Each pillow has removable covers, so you can keep it clean. When our toddler grows up, you can also start using stabilization pillows.

Choosing a type is not all that makes them unique. POOFI pillows are products 100% manufactured in Poland from proven and certified materials, including fillings. We sew cotton ripples in the family sewing room in Bielsko-Biała. The cotton we use is certified and from a Polish supplier. We also ensure safety through the selection of high-quality semi-products, i.e. zippers with reinforced tapes and non-spray colors, applied with a more durable method. We create practical packaging from more expensive basphthalate foil, in such a cover the feeding pillows can be safely stored or transported. We pack the hand cushions in a cotton backpack, which will come in handy in many circumstances. And for sleep, we recommend pregnancy pillows in the shape of the number 9.