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Baby wra ps are very useful for nursing and caring for a newborn. With them, a newborn can be wrapped in a cocoon, which is a healthy and doctor-recommended practice. A baby wrap can also be used as a light blanket or changing pad. Our products in this category are the only ones available on the Polish market in such a proportion. The material from which it is made is prepared to our special order. Thanks to the combination of appropriately thick fibers and delicate finishing, it was possible to achieve exceptional softness of the fabric.

Bamboo wrap for a newborn is anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial, does not accumulate odors and moisture, and dries quickly. Its properties also include thermoregulation: the fabric maintains a temperature about 2 degrees lower than the ambient temperature (hence the impression that it is so pleasantly cool to the touch). Baby wraps for newborns, moreover, protect against UV rays, also as a curtain against the sun in the stroller, in which it is good to have a sheet.

Thediaper urinals are a combination of bamboo viscose and cotton, which helped us to achieve an amazing softness of the fabric. They will be useful as basic baby care. Our baby dia pers are also an option for a lightweight blanket, a towel for wiping baby's delicate face, a protector for the changing table or a pillow for feeding when baby is eating. Keeping the diapers clean is extremely easy, just wash them at 40 degrees and spin at 800 rpm. In this way they will retain their durability and softness for longer.

Ocean series, which presents itself through hand-painted patterns. Each of them was first created on paper with attention to detail. They are then reproduced onto fabric, and the paints used in dyeing are also certified Oeko Tex Standard 100 Class 1. The entire collection was designed and manufactured in Poland. All materials used in Poofi products are certified Oeko Tex Standard 100 in class 1 (allowed for direct contact with the skin of a newborn).