Stroller Fitted Sheet

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Decent, delicate and very pleasant to the touch is precisely the ideal sheet for the gondola. Poofi makes them from high-quality cotton knit fabric. Appreciated by customers for its durability, quality and wide range of colors to choose from. In our store you are sure to prepare a bedding set for a newborn that will meet your expectations.

The muslin gondola sheet is designed to be easily applied. A wide elastic band keeps the material from shifting. Poofi bamboo muslin products are the only muslin available on the Polish market in such a proportion of yarn. To ensure our baby's comfort during sleep, we must take care of the best quality material from which the sheet is made. The properties of bamboo viscose make it anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial, it dries quickly, does not accumulate odors and moisture, and has thermoregulatory properties: the fabric maintains a temperature about 2 degrees lower than the ambient temperature (hence the impression that it is so pleasantly cool to the touch).

The second type available is a decent, soft and very pleasant to the touch Organic stroller sheet with elastic band, made of high-quality cotton knit fabric. It is composed of 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown in an organic way, that is, naturally, free from artificial fertilizers and chemical plant sprays. Poofi sheets are appreciated by customers for their brilliant quality, durability and, of course, colors - you can choose from 11 colors, create beautiful sets with blankets or muslin diapers.

Choosing a Poofi sheet you are betting on Polish and safe production. Our stroller sheet is certified Oeko Tex Standard 100 class 1 (approved for direct contact with the skin of a newborn). They are easy to keep clean by washing at 40 degrees C. Our gondola stroller sheets are distinguished by quality workmanship, a large selection of colors, practical packaging and, above all, Polish production from start to finish.