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POOFI pillows during pregnancy ensure the quality of sleep from the early weeks of pregnancy. The design of the pillow in the shape of the number 9 fulfills the task in the “left side” sleeping position recommended by doctors. It's not so easy to control your body position during the night, so our pregnancy pillow keeps your body on your left side. The pillow supports the entire body line - from the head and shoulder blades, through the abdomen and hips to the legs.It is not necessary to lay several different pillows before bedtime, and there is also no risk of the support moving around. An accessory that will help us relax before going to bed will be a natural bristle brush.

What are comfortable ways to sleep when pregnant? The "Nine of Poofi" has two distinct zones of hardness. The soft zone ensures comfort and relaxation, universally stuffed and dedicated to the head, shoulder blades and stomach. The second, harder, stabilizes the pelvis and legs. These two zones are separated from each other by a transverse partition and are prevented from shifting the filling between the defined areas. As with many of our pillows, it is also possible to adjust the amount of filling here. Just open the batch with a small zipper and remove or add the filling as needed. Our pillow with this design ensures safe sleeping positions while pregnant.

By creating our pregnancy sleeping pillows, we know that weary fathers will also be happy to use them. The maternity pillows are recommended for backache, problems with falling asleep and for people who have to sleep on the left side for health reasons. It will also be helpful for the elderly and those lying down as an anti-bedsore pillow. The shape and comfort of the pillow number nine allow for everyday use, also without clear indications. In our store you will also find comfortable and innovative nursing pillows.

The size of the pillow is universal and it is also sufficient for tall people (up to 180 cm). At the same time, it is not too big to maneuver freely in the limited space of the bed. All pillows for pregnant women in our store have removable covers to make it easier to keep them clean. We have designed them so that removing and replacing the cover is very simple.