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Bathing care is an integral part of taking care of our little one. Common comfort in this activity will provide cotton towels for babies and baby washers. Absorbent and fluffy terry, from which they were produced delights with its softness.

Poofitowel for a newborn baby will help with bath care. It protects the person bathing from unexpected splashes and getting wet. Designed as an apron, bath cover, wrapper - all in one practical Poofi towel. The towels have a special elastic band that allows the product to be used like an apron. The person bathing is protected from getting wet while taking the baby out of the water. In addition, the towel has a deep hood, effectively protecting the head from cooling. The towel for a newborn baby with a hood is designed so that it can serve for many years, including larger children. After dressing your baby in pajamas after bathing, you can wrap him in a soft blanket.

In this category you will also find bath washes in the form of a universal glove. The size of the glove is tailored to fit a woman's hand, it does not slip. The glove itself is flexible, so fathers can also use it without any problems. They are made of ultra-absorbent organic cotton terry. It is soft and durable. It will also serve us in the role of a personal face towel or daily care when washing off any skin care masks. The washcloth is machine washable at 40 degrees, making it easy to keep clean. Natural bristle brushes will also be helpful for baby care.

Products made of certified cotton terry are safe and environmentally friendly. Organic cotton is grown organically meaning naturally, free of artificial fertilizers and chemical plant sprays. Its fibers are tougher and smoother, making the yarn softer to the touch. There is more airflow between the fibers, making organic cotton hypoallergenic and non-irritating on the delicate skin of an allergy sufferer or newborn. All materials used in POOFI products are certified Oeko Tex Standard 100 class 1 (approved for direct contact with the skin of a newborn). We manufacture in Poland and we know everyone we work with personally.