Jumpsuit YARNAMI color: sand-blush

Jumpsuit YARNAMI color: sand-blush


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Rampers pajacyk YARNAMI kolor: beż-ceglany
Rampers pajacyk YARNAMI kolor: beżowy
Rampers pajacyk YARNAMI kolor: ceglany
Rampers pajacyk YARNAMI kolor: oliwkowy
Rampers pajacyk YARNAMI kolor: musztardowy
Rampers pajacyk YARNAMI kolor: beż-oliwkowy
Rampers pajacyk YARNAMI kolor: beż-musztardowy

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100% organic cotton
weight: perfect 240 GSM

How to wash it right:
The clothes are made of organic cotton, so make sure you take good care of them. We recommend washing with gentle detergent, at a maximum temperature of 40°C. To enjoy the garment for as long as possible, we suggest a low-speed spin, maximum 1000 rpm. Do not tumble dry and do not bleach.

All fabrics used in yarnami products have the Oeko Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certification (for direct contact with the skin of newborns).

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Yarnami romper

(also called a jumpsuit), in particular with a zip, is probably the quickest baby outfit to go. It is a shirt, pants, and bodysuit combined together. Babies look cute in them and, most importantly, are comfortable. A romper can act as pyjamas or a onesie. We had some thoughts about both uses. What did we pay attention to while designing our model?
Just imagine the middle of the night and a caretaker, half-asleep, who changes the nappy of a baby wearing a romper. Would she be excited to see 9 or 10 snaps that she’d have to unfasten and then fasten again, while the baby – well-rested and very lively considering the time – wiggles and squirms? We thought it best to get rid of them and use a zip. The baby will probably still be rollicking, but our hero won’t have to struggle with the snaps with eyes half-closed.
The zip in our romper is so pretty that if you decide to use it as an outfit to go, nobody will wonder whether your baby is wearing a cool onesie or pyjamas.

Yarnami rompers also have other smart features:
• long cuffs on the sleeves and legs. So that you can roll them up or pull them up, and in this way adjust them to the baby’s size. Even if you get a romper that is a bit loo large, you can still be able to use it for a longer time and it will fit well.
• yarnami rompers have no feet for two reasons: you can air the feet and use the piece for longer,
• for those of you who prefer an extra layer of warmth on the baby’s feet, we made heel-less socks. They are a perfect match for rompers and leggings, complementing the whole.

Extra features

It is likely that you will love the product for its natural and delicate fabric, comfortable fit that gracefully conceals the nappy, lack of inner labels, or the colour that looks great on your baby’s radiant skin. And you will definitely adore it for its longevity – one doesn’t grow out of it fast.

• The romper is put on in an instant, which matters especially while tending to the baby at night, when you need to quickly change the nappy and get back to sleep rather than make sure all the snaps or buttons are fastened evenly.
• The long leg and sleeve cuffs help adjust to the baby’s current size. They also fit well, are pressure-free and resistant to elongation.
• The Vislon zip makes double sense: it is a quick fastener and looks good, turning the pyjamas into an outfit to go.

Romper that grow with your baby

Have you ever had a cute tiny outfit that you never managed to wear out or even use before it became too small? Or maybe your little one is always in between sizes and clothes are permanently either too big or too ‘just right’?
Babies grow fast, especially in their first year. The number of clothes we tend to buy during that time can be monumental and exorbitantly expensive. That’s why we have created a collection that will enable you to use the basics longer: bodysuits, leggings, rompers, t-shirts, and underwear.

Yarnami clothes are made of ribbed knit fabric which is not only elegant, but also snug-fitting (plus, they look good on every baby). Every romper has a measure hidden in the sleeve and leg. It enables you to compensate for the baby’s growth and use the romper for another 2 months (approximate extended usage period).

I see your true colours – in the colours of nature

The colours that we picked for yarnami are the colours of the earth. They look great on both boys and girls. We have also made sure they have the same temperature, compliment and match one another, with endless mix-and-match possibilities. If you go for a very neutral outfit, choose a single colour, e.g. delicate sand or the ever-fashionable and awesome mustard. If you are an enthusiast of more vivid colours, opt for brick red and let it inspire you.

How yarnami clothes are made

Do you know what we are proud of? Of knowing every single dressmaker who sews these gems. Before the ultimate bodysuit emerged, Ms Renata made seven versions of the same product for us, each time improving on the previous one (she gave six of them to her granddaughter – after all, they weren’t all that bad and we don’t like wasting good products).
We sew in Bielsko-Biała, Poland. We purchase most of the fabrics in Łódź, Poland. The snaps, zips, and threads are provided by Polish suppliers. All of them have GOTS, WoolMark or OekoTeX Stardard 100 class 1 certificates.
We don’t use any plastic or bags in the production process, we don’t even use adhesive tape, and we give the leftovers to a company that we know, which uses it as stuffing for the punch bags it manufactures.
Can we do it? Yes we can!

No longer needed? Hand it over!

The quality of our knit fabrics makes them difficult to wear out. So once your baby is already too big to wear a bodysuit, you can hand it over. If you no longer need some garments, you can send them back to us. We will clean them up and donate to mums in need.

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