Fabliek Houses pillows 3-set

Fabliek Houses pillows 3-set


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Zestaw 3 poduszek Fabliek - Domki
Poduszka Fabliek Tęczowy wąż
Poduszka Fabliek - Krokodyl

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Weight: 0.6 kg
Size: 18×25 cm, 18×35 cm, 20×20 cm
Yarn size: medium
Packing: raw cotton backpack with 2 cute pompons

A set of pillow houses. The set includes 3 houses: a classic one-story mint house with a chimney, a four-storey yellow house, and a two-storey green house with two chimneys. Pillows can decorate every child’s room or easly can be part of the scenery of many adventures. They can play the role of a small town, housing estate or constitute separate elements, it all depends on the children’s imagination. Can be bought as a set together with the same style blanket. This organic cotton pillows, filled with a silicone balls, giving the pillow a pleasant softness. This cute pillows have the chance to become your child’s favorite pillow. A toddler will gladly take them to the kindergarten to hug it during a nap. The pillow is two-sided. It also a perfect gift.  We pack the set in a cotton bag with a convenient handle for transport. It is advised not to use this pillows as a headrest for newborn babies, as it is not flat enough. Pillows do not have a removable cover but it can be washed in a washing machine as a whole. Also sold in a 3-pack with other houses. Also sell separately.

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