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Organic Multiuse Pregnancy Pillow NEST by Poofi color: light gray

Organic Multiuse Pregnancy Pillow NEST by Poofi color: light gray


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Poduszka ciążowa uniwersalna NEST by Poofi kolor: lawenda
Poduszka ciążowa uniwersalna NEST by Poofi herbaciana róża
Poduszka ciążowa uniwersalna NEST by Poofi kolor: piwonia
Poduszka ciążowa uniwersalna NEST by Poofi kolor: nugat
Poduszka ciążowa uniwersalna NEST by Poofi kolor: dusty blue
Poduszka ciążowa uniwersalna NEST by Poofi kolor: czekolada
Poduszka ciążowa uniwersalna NEST by Poofi kolor: jasny szary
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Multipurpose pillow NEST by Poofi
Protected design (patent application P.440533)
This is a thoughtful combo: a maternity pillow, a nursing pillow, an infant lounger and a carrycot sheet.

27x163 cm

0,9 kg

Cover: 100% organic cotton
Filling/padding: hypoallergenic silicone fibres (cross crimped)
Organic cotton is grown organically, meaning it is grown naturally, free from artificial fertilizers and chemical plant sprays. Its fibers are more durable and smoother, which makes the yarn softer to the touch. There is more airflow between the fibers, making organic cotton hypoallergenic and non-irritating to the delicate skin of an allergy sufferer or newborn.

The pillow is easy to keep clean and has a removable cover. Pillow and cover can be washed in washing machine at 40 degrees C. Please follow the symbols on the product labels.

Made from certified organic yarn, this product is safe and environmentally friendly. All materials used in POOFI products are certified Oeko Tex Standard 100 class 1 (approved for direct contact with the skin of the newborn).

The pillows are packed in practical, reusable suitcase packaging made of phthalate-free film.

The NEST universal pillow is a well thought-out combo: a pillow for pregnant women, a nursing pillow, an infant bed and a sheet for a carrycot.
The NEST pillow, like every Poofi pillow, has the possibility of adjusting the filling and adjusting the hardness of the pillow to individual needs.
The removable cover makes it easy to keep it clean.
Each pillow comes with an additional cover that turns the pillow into a recliner for your baby.
The pillow has a subtle finish in the form of letters - it is both a decorative element and a connector, allowing you to use the NEST pillow in many different applications.
This is a product designed for long use.

Pregnancy pillow:
When unfolded, the pillow is large enough to provide comfortable sleep from the early weeks of pregnancy. Its shape adapts perfectly to the pregnant belly and allows you to adopt a comfortable resting position, relax the muscles and relieve the spine, not only during sleep, but also when you want to sit comfortably. The NEST pillow is optimally filled, which ensures both proper leg separation and hip stabilization as well as abdominal and chest support. It is nice to snuggle up to it.

Feeding Pillow:
When the leaves are tied together, the NEST pillow becomes a large and well-stabilized feeding pillow. You can also feed twins on it. The quality of filling used in the pillow provides solid support for the baby, it does not collapse.
You can put the pillow on by tying it around your waist or put it over your head - like a lifebelt :) After feeding, the pillow remains on the waist - you can move with it or gently move your hips to slide it off your waist.

Nest for the newborn:
The pillow comes with an overlay - a sheet, after putting on which the NEST pillow turns into a cozy nest for the newborn.
The overlay makes the baby lie like in a hammock, the body is evenly supported, not resting any point on the floor so it remains in a neutral position,

The NEST is also suitable for older children:
the NEST cushion can also be used by children who are making their first attempts to maintain the position of independent sitting. The pillow provides them with secure support both under the back and high up on the sides.

What is the unique character of the Nest by Poofi pillow?

Thanks to well-thought-out construction and the NEST pillow is the first so multifunctional pregnancy pillow. Its usefulness lasts from the first weeks of pregnancy to the infant age.
The sheet not only performs the function of a "hammock" in combination with the pillow, but it can also be an independent sheet, which can also be used in the largest pram carrycots available on the market.

During sleep it happens that the mother-to-be feels the need to change position, with the NEST pillow it is very easy, because the pillow is compact and lightweight, moreover it allows for the simultaneous use of your favourite pillow or pillow, because it does not have an integrated part under the head.

• not only for pregnant women

The pillow is recommended for people suffering from back pain or having trouble falling asleep. The pillow is also recommended for the elderly and people who are lying down as an anti-decubitus pillow. The pillow can also be used without clear indications, it is so comfortable that you can successfully sleep on it every day.

• adjustable filling

Poofi pillows are stuffed optimally to provide the ideal, dedicated firmness. However, if the need arises to better adjust the amount of filling in the pillow, it can be easily removed or repositioned.

• size

The NEST pillow is large enough to comfortably recline on, while being simple and comfortable for situations requiring a quick change of position. What is important - the pillow is also suitable for tall people. (up to 180 cm tall)

• large selection of colors, replaceable and removable covers

Poofi pillows have removable covers, which makes it easier to keep the pillow clean. Removing and replacing the cover is very easy as each cover has a very long zipper.

Poofi maternity pillow is a product 100% created in Poland

First the cotton filling is made - the heart of the pillow, the most important element, to which the whole pillow owes its final usability.
We sew the stuffing in a small family sewing room in Bielsko-Biała, using certified cotton from a Polish supplier.
We stuff the inserts ourselves, using a specially designed and dedicated machine, tailored specifically to the shapes and sizes of our pillows.
Organic cotton used in the production of our covers (and other products) comes from a proven Polish knitting mill, with many years of tradition and knitting experience.
The fabric is cut for us by a wonderful Mr Piotruś, who together with his wife runs a small cutting room in Bielsko-Biała.
The covers are sewn in Świętokrzyskie Voivodship where Poofi has its roots. All covers are sewn and delivered by Dorota, who for 10 years (!) provides us with constant quality and has no equal.
The control, packing and shipping is done from our own warehouse located in Bielsko-Biała.

We are proud of the fact that from the very beginning we have been creating in the spirit of supporting small Polish companies.

Choosing Poofi pillows you can be sure, that you are buying a 100% Polish and safe product created by wonderful and committed people.

What makes our product different from cheaper pregnancy pillows?

• filling

We use only proven, certified and Polish filling. It is a polyester ball with very resilient fibres and very good thermo-regulatory properties, which is also washable and maintains its resilience for a long time. Polyester ball used in our products, due to its highest purity and high quality is used only in the best bedding products.

• safety

We choose the safest and the highest quality semi-products: e.g. all zippers have additionally reinforced tapes and zippers and their colors are applied with a method guaranteeing color fastness without chipping on metal parts, the packaging is made of more expensive and decent phthalate-free foil, we use cotton labels with washing instructions, and every seam is secured and reinforced - so that the pillow can serve for years. We create products that are passed down from hand to hand in unaltered condition. By recommendation.

• detail and finish

We happened to receive messages from customers stating: "my pillow has no zipper!" This is what the quality of our pillows is all about - zippers are sewn in a subtle way and invisible to the eye, Everything is matched to the color of the fabric, we match threads so that they perfectly match the whole, we use finishes that give products an elegant character.

• packaging

Each Poofi pillow is packed in a practical suitcase, so you can comfortably take it to the hospital or on a trip. Our suitcases are also an ideal, safe way to store the pillow while waiting for the next little user. We include a small gift with the packaging.

• natural materials

We choose only proven suppliers and materials confirmed by certificates of origin and approvals. Absolutely all semi-finished products used in the production of Poofi are certified by Oeko Tex Standard 100 Class 1. In addition, products marked as *organic cotton* have a documented organic origin of the yarn used.

• polish production

We manufacture in Poland and we know everyone we cooperate with personally. We do not operate anonymously, we know the conditions in which our products are made and we pay more to contribute to the maintenance of family-owned, small and quality sewing rooms. Poofi pillows are a product with heart, that's why we add a small cotton heart to each pillow - out of gratitude for the trust you have placed in us for 10 years!

• quality for years

We know how to produce solid, elegant and recommended products for years.

Thank you, Poofi Team

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