Organic Nursing Pillow color: maroon

Organic Nursing Pillow color: maroon


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Poduszka do karmienia Organic kolor: dusty blue
Poduszka do karmienia Organic kolor: bordowy
Poduszka do karmienia Organic kolor: musztardowy
Poduszka do karmienia Organic kolor: popiel
Poduszka do karmienia Organic kolor: herbaciana róża
Poduszka do karmienia Organic kolor: morela
Poduszka do karmienia Organic kolor: piwonia
Poduszka do karmienia Organic kolor: latte
Poduszka do karmienia Organic kolor: nugat
Poduszka do karmienia Organic kolor: jasny szary
Poduszka do karmienia Organic kolor: lawenda
Poduszka do karmienia Organic kolor: szałwia
Poduszka do karmienia Organic kolor: czekolada
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50×60 cm
pillow height: 16 cm (with the possibility of any modification)

The thickness of the pillow at its highest point is 16 cm. It is the optimal height of the feeding pillow, which ensures that the baby is placed at the right level - right next to the mother's breast. This height can be modified individually and adapted to individual needs. By adding or removing the filling from this point, we can achieve any height - even when you are feeding only one breast or if you prefer the baby to lie in a different position.

1,2 kg

Cover: 100% organic cotton
Fill: hypoallergenic silicone fibers (cross-crimped), thanks to sawn-in zippers in the filling case you can regulate the hardness of either zone on your own to fit your individual preferences.
Organic cotton is grown in an organic way, i.e. naturally, free from artificial fertilizers and toxic chemicals. Its fibers are stronger and smoother, which makes the yarn softer. There is a greater airflow between the fibers, thanks to which the organic cotton is hypoallergenic and does not cause irritation on the delicate skin of an allergy sufferer or a newborn.

Care instructions:
The pillow is easy to keep clean, it has a removable cover. The pillow and cover can be machine washed at 40 degrees Celsius. Please follow the symbols on the product labels.

NURSING PILLOW POOFI is made of organic tread - safe and environment friendly. All materials used are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified which means they have been tested for harmful substances and are harmless for human health. Our product has strictest class 1 certification therefore are safe for delicate baby skin.

What is the phenomenon of the NURSING PILLOW POOFI?

NURSING PILLOW POOFI is a product designed by mum, based on her personal experiences and needs. The design of the pillow is thought out so that the pillow can adjust to each waist, allowing the baby to nurse in a perfect position - comfortably every time. Our nursing pillows are used and recommended by lactation advisers all over Poland, they are also recommended for synchronous feeding of twins in the first weeks of their lives. You can find our pillows in lactation clinics and the best birthing schools all over Poland.
What are the main features of our nursing pillow?

• stable, adjustable to every figure

The arms of the pillow are based on flexible, thick elastic that ensures that the pillow always adheres to the mother's waist. The pillow does not move, even if you reach for something, stand up or change position while feeding.

• great shape

The middle part of the pillow has been slightly thickened and enlarged, thanks to which the baby is always placed at the right height - right next to the mother's breast. Such a structure will allow the mother to assume a comfortable, upright position that relieves the spine during breastfeeding, while providing the baby with a stable and safe support.

• adjustable amount of filling – perfect for women after cesarean section

NURSING PILLOW POOFI is stuffed to ensure optimum sleeping conditions for most people, but if needed you can adjust it to your needs. This solution will be appreciated by women after the caesarean section who want to protect the painful area of ​​the scar. It is enough to move the filling from the waist area, e.g. towards the center of the pillow.

• size (the width of the middle part of the pillow)

The central part of the pillow is quite wide, so you can easily place a larger child on it. This feature will also be helpful in the first weeks of synchronous feeding of twins.

• multifunctionality

Due to its size, profile and the ability to adjust the filling, the Poofi feeding pillow will also work well in other roles, e.g. as

- cradle
- sitting aid
- belly support while learning to crawl

• large selection of colors and removable covers

Poofi pillows are easy to maintain due to its removable cases. Removing and putting on a case is easy thanks to the long zipper.

NURSING PILLOW POOFI is 100% made in Poland.

First, a cotton filling is created - the heart of the pillow, the most important element to which the entire pillow owes its final usability.
Our fillings are made in a small family-own sewing room in Bielsko-Biała, from certified cotton bought from a Polish supplier.
Designed and made to our pillows shape and size needs machine helps stuff the filling into its cases.
Organic cotton used for our pillow cases (and other cotton products) comes from a verified Polish supplier with a long tradition and experience.
Textiles are cut by the wonderful Mr. Piotr, who, together with his wife, runs a small cutting room in Bielsko-Biała.
Our pillow cases are sawn in świętokrzyskie province, where Poofi originated from. All of our cases are sewn and delivered by Mrs. Dorota - who has been providing us with unchanging quality for 10 years (!) and is second to none.
Quality control, packing and shipping take place from our own warehouse, located in Bielsko-Biała.

We are proud that from the very beginning our products are created in Poland supporting Polish small business owners.

By choosing Poofi pillows you get a safe, 100% Polish product made by wonderful, dedicated people.

What is the difference between our product and other nursing pillows?

• filling

We only use proven, certified and Polish filling. It is a polyester ball with very elastic fibers, very good thermoregulatory properties, which is washable and retains its elasticity for a long time. The polyester ball used in our products, due to the highest purity and high quality, is used only in the best bedding products.

• safety

We choose the safer and the most quality semi-products: e.g. all zippers have additionally reinforced tapes and bolts and their colors are applied using a method that guarantees color durability without chipping on metal parts, we create packaging from more expensive and decent phthalate-free foil, we use cotton labels with washing instructions, and each seam is secured and reinforced - so that the pillow can last for years. We create products that are passed from hand to hand unchanged. Recommended.

• detail and finishing

We happened to receive messages from customers saying: "my pillow has no zipper!" This is what the quality of our pillows is all about - the zippers are sewn in a subtle and invisible way. We choose everything to match the color of the material, we match the threads so that they blend in perfectly, we use finishes that give the products an elegant character.

• packaging

Each PREGNANCY PILLOW POOFI is packed in a practical suitcase bag, so you can conveniently take it to the hospital or on a trip. Our suitcases are also an ideal, safe method of storing the pillow. We add a small gift to every pillow.

• natural materials

We choose only verified suppliers and materials confirmed by certificates of origin and approvals. Absolutely all materials used in Poofi products are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX class 1 certified. Our organic cotton has authentication of its organic origin.

• made in Poland

All of our products are made in Poland. We personally know everyone we work with. We do not act anonymously, we know the conditions in which our products are made and we pay more to contribute to the maintenance of family, small and quality sewing businesses. Poofi pillows are made with love and that's why we put little cotton heart to every package - as a thank you for the trust you have placed in us for 10 years.

Thank you, Poofi team.

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