Fabliek blanket - To the rescue!

Fabliek blanket - To the rescue!


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Kocyk Fabliek - Syrenki
Kocyk Fabliek - Kotki i myszki
Kocyk Fabliek - Tukany
Kocyk Fabliek - Liski
Kocyk Fabliek - Różowe domki
Kocyk Fabliek - Auta!
Kocyk Fabliek - Jamniki
Kocyk Fabliek - Łódki
Kocyk Fabliek - Kamienne domki
Kocyk Fabliek - Łaciate pieski
Kocyk Fabliek - Król dżungli
Kocyk Fabliek - Śpiący tygrysek
Kocyk Fabliek - Muchomorki
Kocyk Fabliek - Na ratunek!
Kocyk Fabliek - Żółte ptaszki
Kocyk Fabliek - Tęcze
Kocyk Fabliek - Statki
Kocyk Fabliek - Żyrafy
Kocyk Fabliek - Domki
Kocyk Fabliek - Mgliste muchomory
Kocyk Fabliek - Hi little puppy

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Weight: 0.3 kg
Size: 80×100 cm
Yarn size: medium
Composition: 100% organic cotton
Packing: raw cotton backpack with 2 cute pompons

Ask your husband, father or brother who was his role model when he was a small baby. A fireman? A policeman? Certainly a hero! We know that little boys don’t only want to become heroes – they already are!
“To the rescue!” is a blanket with a special mission – to save all the teddy bears that are in danger. At the same time its colors, its softness and the highest quality of the blanket will make every mum, grandma, aunt and even maybe a little sister love it.
The blanket is made of organic cotton and is suitable for children from birth up until 4-5 years of age. It is packed in a cotton bag with two pompoms and ideal for a stylish and original gift.

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